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iPhone Error 4013 – 4 Best Ways to Fix It


How to Fix iTunes Error 4013?

The iTunes Error 4013 is not hard to fix and here is a list of methods that can help you, all detailed step by step.

  1. Reboot your iPhone/iPad

Several different errors can be fixed by rebooting your device including the 4013 one. Here is how to do it:

Step-1: Reboot your iPhone after disconnecting it from your computer. This would work by pressing and holding the Home button and sleep/wake button simultaneously for approximately ten seconds. If your phone does not have a home button use the volume down one.

Step-2: Now you can try Updating/Restoring it after connecting it to the computer.

  1. Check the Cable

The most common reason why the iTunes Error 4013 happens is a faulty cable. Here is how to make sure it is not causing the issue:

Step-1: Connect your iPhone/iPad to your PC/Mac using a different cable.

Step-2: In case the iTunes error 4013 does not appear it means that you need to change your cable.

  1. Check the Port

Another common reason why this Error happens is a faulty port. You should solve this issue by following the next steps:

Step-1: To connect your iPhone/iPad try a different port of your PC/Mac

Step-2: If you see no iTunes error 4013 appearing it means that you need to repair the previously used port.

  1. Check Wifi Network

Another cause of the iTunes error 4013 is slow or poor WiFi network. Here is how to solve the issue:

Step-1: Disconnect your iPhone and computer from Wi-Fi.

Step-2: Wait a few minutes.

Step-3: After a short period of waiting to try to connect them again to the network.

Step-4: If the error still happens, try a different wifi network or a hotspot.

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