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Sophos Antivirus: Making Protection A Lot Easier For Everyone


A network serving up files to users should require extra bit of protection. In a Linux server, this is a frequent scenario. Installing and configuring antivirus on your Linux server is easy if you use Sophos Antivirus.

Contrary to popular belief, a Linux server can be vulnerable to some malicious codes. Well, at least it doesn’t affect the platform directly, but it can affect the users who get in contact with the malicious files.

Good thing, you can manage this type of situation by installing real-time antivirus or anti-malware software like Sophos for Linux. It provides a real-time scanner for your desktop and server. Take note that there are no servers safe from viruses, regardless of the platform. Whether your system has been connected to the Internet or otherwise, any desktop or server can be vulnerable.

Protection for Mac and PC

Mac and PC users also require protection against viruses, ransomware, malicious websites, and malware. Sophos Home is the potent solution to satisfy this need, which IT professionals use to keep their businesses secure.

Advanced Security

Sophos removes malicious apps, malware, ransomware, and viruses, which simply goes beyond prevention of known malware. It analyzes suspicious activities and behavior from programs and files, via real-time threat intelligence.

Easily Installed and Managed

It is so easy to use Sophos, and the installation is fast, as you can begin scanning viruses or add new Web filters in an instant. You can also secure computers found all over the world. Ads, popups, and prompts are blocked.

Block Unwanted Content 

Sophos Antivirus would make sure that you won’t connect to known malicious traffic or websites unintentionally, which include control and command servers used by cybercriminals. Moreover, it would block phishing attacks, bad websites, and websites with viruses and malware. Most of all, you can control the content you want your family to view with the smart Web filtering.


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