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Comodo Antivirus For Windows 10: Protection Beyond Expectation


The Internet offers fascinating things for everyone, including viruses and security threats. If you were to install an antivirus on your system, how do you choose one that would suit your needs?

Well, one of the most effective antivirus software out there is the Comodo Antivirus. It basically showcases some outstanding features, which make it unique in comparison to other antivirus solutions. If you are running Windows 10 on your computer, Comodo Antivirus can be a great option to protect your system against computer threats.

Here are the main reasons why Comodo stands out from the rest of the pack.

  • Auto Sandboxing – this technique has been used to run and analyze unknown, untrusted, and malicious applications.
  • Application Control – this enables you to manage and control processes with the execution of reliable applications only.  Thus, it would secure your computer.
  • Cloud based Antivirus – offers complete computer protection via cloud-based updates even with out-of-date virus definitions.
  • Default Deny Protection – allows only secure and known computer applications for execution via whitelisting technique.
  • Game Mode – interruptions, alerts, promotional popups are restricted with the Game Mode feature when playing your favorite video game.
  • One-Click Virus Scan – a single option is enough to go on with the virus scanning process, which makes it much easier for you to execute.
  • Personalized Protection Alerts – customized Firewall setting is now available, which can automatically manage alerts and popups during your most convenient time.
  • Prevention-based Protection – the Firewall and antivirus for Windows 10 is intended to prevent access to your computer by malicious applications.
  • Spyware Scanning – when Comodo is installed on your computer, it automatically detects and deletes spyware in your computer registry, folders, and files. This is available with the Windows 10 Antivirus.

Pros Of Antivirus

Antivirus is one of the most effective ways of detection and protection against all known security threats. Without using antivirus or anti-malware would surely expose you to unnecessary risks. At the same time, failure to use one will allow malicious software to invade your system and do whatever it is designed to do.

There might be bugs in the antivirus software that you know, but the chances that an attacker would exploit this bug should be slim. Thus, it would take a very competent attacker to spot one and exploit it.

Cons Of Antivirus

According to some critics, antivirus software is riddled with bugs. Likewise, they are designed to interfere with other software measures. In fact, it was stated by a security researcher that extreme caution is needed when using antivirus technology. Moreover, it was explained that antivirus software can be exploited even without the interaction of the user.

Final Thoughts

In a report released by the CIA, American spies have unflattering opinion of antivirus. However, it is great news for the manufacturers. Basically, it was revealed that they have a very hard time to get around Comodo antivirus. The only problem lies with its older version, which had a great security flaw. Thus, it is important to have your antivirus software updated in order to prevent attackers and malware to get into your system at your most unexpected moment.

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