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Free Antivirus You Can Install for Your Mac


Although Mac computers are generally more secure than Windows computers, they are not invincible or immune to virus attacks. If a hacker or cybercriminal puts their mind to it, they can penetrate a Mac OS and hit it where it really hurts.

Unlike Windows, an Apple computer uses a Unix-based operating system that is sandboxed, which keeps malware from the heart of the machine. So even if malware gains access to your computer, it won’t be able to spread to the core of your Apple computer.

This makes Mac more difficult than Windows computers to penetrate and infect. But overconfidence will make your Apple computer vulnerable to virus attacks.

For this reason, you should be aware of the free antivirus that you can download and install on your MAC computer.

AVG for Mac

This is available in both free and paid versions, which means you only get limited capabilities until you buy the paid software. The $70 that you’ll pay for will be worth it, however, what with AVG being one of the 4 antivirus packages tested that managed to detect malware by 100%.

Some of its features include advanced antivirus & tune-up package, real-time security updates, automatic tuning updates, and secure & tune-up from one screen. There’s also an AVG app for both iOS and Android when you buy the paid version.

Sophos Antivirus for Mac

Provided to you completely free, this antivirus from Sophos only requires that you provide your personal details to access its full capabilities. Capable of detecting 99.17% of online threats, it is not exactly bad for free antivirus software.

Depending on the specs of your Mac computer, however, you might notice a minor impact on performance.

Nonetheless, it has some really good features, including real-time protection that quarantines unknown files, web protection that blocks websites with known viruses and other threats, and real-time detection of potentially unwanted applications.

Avast! Free Mac Security

One of the most popular security suites available, Avast! is an effective antivirus for non-commercial use. It performs quick full-system malware scans that sift through specific email threads and attachments, as well as various web activities, including Java scripts.

Avast! also checks individual files. Simply drag and drop the said file. It also offers phishing protection and scans external drives and attached volumes for possible infections.

Avira Free Antivirus for Mac

Quick access to advanced utilities and ease of use make Avira an ideal antivirus program. Whether running a basic or an advanced system scan, a less tech-savvy user will hardly know the difference.

When it comes to capabilities, Avira is equipped with standard adware and spyware protection, blocking tracking and intercepting harmful websites. Malicious files can be deleted in just one click as well. The downsides to this software are the moderately-lengthy installation process and the heavy use of system resources.

It’s up to you to decide whether easy navigation matters more over bulky and heavy software use.

There are other antivirus applications for Mac computers that are either paid or free, the same way that there is Windows 10 antivirus that is mostly free. You just need to search for them online.

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