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Sims 5 Will be Developed if Sims 4 is Profitable Enough


Lately Electronic Arts has been working on adding more content to their Sims 4 but players are waiting for the next Sims game: Sims 5.

The demand of Sims 5 has been growing lately but the game hasn’t even been officially announced to be a work in progress. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t rumors circulating around.

People expect the Sims 5 to get released or at least announced next year, but rumors have it that we’re going to wait it for more years, maybe 2020 being the year when we could get our hands on it.

There is no official news of Electronic Arts even working on Sims 5, but a lot of sources have confirmed it, while some has done the opposite. EA has also confirmed that there will be a Sims 5 if Sims 4 will be profitable enough.

There’s also a rumor according to which a new Sims is going to be released a lot later than 2020 or even discontinued. We should take into consideration this possibility because by closing down Maxis Studio earlier this year EA might slow or even pause the work for another Sims game.

Sims 4 is a popular game, quite successful with having developers launching a lot of extension packs. The next game would be great if players were able to build facilities and other structures.

Details on the next updates for The Sims 4 are little but we know that developers are working on solving the issue regarding those many loading screens a lot of players have been complaining about.

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  1. I Liek Tacos says

    Sims 4 is pretty trash compared to the last two installments. The lack of a open world makes the game a lot more reclusive…even moreso in comparison to sims 2. Only reason why I obtained a copy of sims 4 is because of a generous friend. Otherwise, it would have probably been one of those installments that I skip.

  2. Marek Zerg says

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