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Microsoft Outlook New Add-ins for Android


Microsoft has brought new features for Outlook on Android, including new GIFs. This update comes a few months after the launch of the new add-ins for iOS. Android users can now enjoy scheduling tasks, taking notes and replying emails using and Office 365 commercial accounts.

New add-ins for Outlook on Android

To add the new features, users need to go to Settings, click on Add-ins and tap the plus sign for the app that needs enabling.

Some of the new add-in for Outlook include the ability to save notes to Trello, Evernote and to use Microsoft Translator to translate emails directly within the app. It also brings access to Wrike, JIRA, Gfycat, MojiLala and MeisterTask.

Why are these softwares necessary?

Wrike is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) which helps users keep track of their projects and tasks (micromanagment), deadlines and schedules and also workflow processes. Another advantage is that users can collaborate with one another and the app is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, German and Japanese. This wonderful software will help users at work, allowing them to streamline workflow and concentrate on their immediate task.

JIRA is a proprietary tracking product which provides bug tracking and project management functions. The software was developed by Atlassian.

MeisterTask is also a software which is very useful for teams, making replying emails and going on vacation easier and faster.

The apps will be available on Outlook for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and web. As a bonus Microsoft will give access to all these add-ins if user uses their Outlook account with Gmail app on Android and iOS.

Gfycat and MojiLala are apps which will make your texting more fun with GIFs and sweet stickers. These two apps will upgrade your smartphone GIF viewing experience and take it to the 21st century. The GIFs are bettered in terms of speed, size, color, streaming, interaction, file format and more.

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