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Sims 5 Update – To Arrive In 2019?


As far as it seems, 2017 is a year of news and rumors about sequels. After we rumored a bit about the future of the Grand Theft Auto series, now it’s time to pay attention to The Sims 5. This is the future sequel to come to the popular franchise. The current Sims 4 game is also very popular. All the hardcore fans have been speculating about a possible release for the upcoming game for quite a while now.

More and More Rumors

Even so, there are lots of rumors flooding the online right now, even though the developers and publishers released no official statement on this topic. The only official information we received was that the release of the sequel depends on the results of the Sims 4. As such, if it manages to do well, we might even see The Sims 5 released by 2019. However, if the results are bad and the company doesn’t have enough revenue, we might not get The Sims 5 at all.

Poor Public Reviews for Expansions

While the audience is still in love with The Sims 4, we can’t say the same about the recent expansions. The Fitness Stuff Pack, as well as the Parenthood Game Pack have received plenty of criticism from the players all around the world. Despite people being initially really excited about them, it seems that in the end they weren’t so happy.

The bad reviews may cause a delay in what concerns the development and/or the release of the future Sims 5. What’s worse, they can even stop the production altogether. Everybody hopes that this is not going to be the case, but in the end, we can’t know for sure. If it gets released, the Sims 5 will probably be one of the most successful games around.

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