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iOS 11 Redesigned Control Center, New Notifications and Changes


If you’re an enthusiastic techie, then you know everything there is to know about iOS 11 already. But for those of you out there that still can’t fully grasp what iOS 11 will look like, we’ve compiled all the available data in this article. Let’s keep the introduction short, because there is a lot to talk about. Without further ado, here is everything that’s new with iOS 11.

Redesigned Control Center

The first thing you can notice when you open a device running on the new iOS 11 (granted in its beta version) is the redesigned Control Center. This new and revamped look makes the entire thing look much more spacious and robust, while at the same time making it incredibly user friendly and easy to use, access and customize.

Redesigned Notifications

Much like the new and shiny Control Center, iOS 11 also comes with a totally brand new look for notifications. Your notifications now live on your lock screen, and you can look through them by pulling down on the status bar and scrolling. Does this make it easier to filter through them? You tell us, but try it first.

Makeover for the App Store

Apple’s App Store has also received its most massive makeover to date with the new iOS 11. There’s a brand new Games tab that makes it easier to access what we all love to download from the App Store, as well as a new Today page that serves as the homepage of the online Apple marketplace.

Screen Recording

The new iOS 11 will also have an incredible new feature that will make it so much easier to be a mobile gamer and YouTuber at the same time. Yes, you guessed it, iOS 11 comes with screen recording, which is basically the screenshot feature taken to the next level. You will no longer need third party apps to record your screen for various purposes. You will soon be able to do it straight from your iOS device.

Split Screen

This new feature comes in handy if you want to multi-task, especially on your iPad that will be turned into a mini laptop in its own right by iOS 11. With the iOS 11 update, you will be able to split your screen in two or four panels that allow you to effectively do more things at the same time. If you have to write a paper, you can have your research right next to the app you use for writing, and that’s just one example. There are so many more new options that this new feature opens, and Android O will have it too so that’s cool. The world is finally embracing technology and we love it.

New Apple Music features

Apple Music is also getting some love with iOS 11. The biggest changes to it will consist of two major additions: user profiles and playlist sharing. These two new features will turn Apple Music, an app that has been underrated for the longest time, into any music lover’s dream. And, on top of that, the Apple Music app will also make better use of Siri, which will now give you intelligent and empathic music suggestions among others.

No more built-in Twitter and Facebook

Let’s face it, built-in social media support is so 2000 and late. Maybe not 2000, but you get what we’re saying. Old smartphones used to be really edgy for having it, but newer ones have said goodbye to this outdated practice. The iPhone will soon do so as well thanks to iOS 11, which is great news.

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