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Samsung will integrate top cameras on Galaxy A series media devices


Several years ago, Samsung announced that it would start testing certain new technologies on its mid-range devices, before integrating them on high-end models. This is how the first Samsung phones with multiple camera systems appeared, with screens in more unusual formats and with a more modern design. Now, following fairly low sales of flagship devices, Samsung seems to be considering integrating top cameras and cheaper models from the Galaxy A range.

The Galaxy A series could integrate top cameras

The information comes directly from Samsung. Bae Kwang-wook, head of Samsung Electro-Mechanics, said in its quarterly financial report that high-performance camera systems on top devices will soon reach more affordable devices:

“The adoption of modules with multiple cameras and high performance on smartphones will be extended to mid-end devices with an average price. We are considering the introduction of a mid-end smartphone with high performance camera mode. In this way, we will expand the size of our business through competitive prices. ”

It seems that Samsung sees that in the market, its competitors offer on the devices more efficient camera systems, and lately, devices such as Pixel 3a, iPhone SE and OnePlus Nord have shown that the average models must not compromise on room chapter. Thus, it would not be out of the ordinary to expect a device from the Galaxy A series with a camera as efficient or very close to the one on the Galaxy S20 and Note20 series.

Given that Bae Kwan-wook’s statements speak of future models, the earliest we could meet such a device in December, when Samsung traditionally presents the first models of the Galaxy A series. Of course, next year’s Galaxy S21 and Note21 models will continue to innovate in this space, but an average device with a top camera, even last year’s, could make a big difference in sales of mid-segment devices.

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