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OnePlus Nord has screen problems, the manufacturer promises firmware update


Promoted as a budget brand that exceeds fan expectations, OnePlus Nord has received all the attention the manufacturer wants, plus some extra issues in the form of criticism.

We already know that the OnePlus manufacturer has chosen a few shortcuts in the design of the first model in the Nord series, one of which is a substantially cheaper plastic construction than raw metal processing. The result: OnePlus Nord is easy to break in the event of a mechanical shock, its frame being easy to break, even by hand.

Another compromise seems to be the selection of a batch of lower quality screens for the construction of the OnePlus Nord. Once in the hands of customers, the finished product did not receive only praise, the forums for technical support being flooded with complaints, such as that the screen displays uneven colors. Several units appear to have a tinge of green, purple, or yellow on one or even the entire surface of the screen when the brightness is low.

In general, problems seem to occur when the brightness is set below 25%, suitable for using the phone in the dark. If the brightness is set to automatic mode or dark backgrounds, the problem may occur whenever you try to use your phone in a low-light area. A temporary solution would be to set a manual brightness level to keep the screen above 25%, losing part of the battery life and comfort in use.

OnePlus Nord will get rid of problems with a firmware update
In the first phase, the OnePlus manufacturer tried to minimize the validity of the accusations brought by fans, stating that this is a common problem with OLED screens, which they faced with other smartphone manufacturers.

“In specific low light circumstances, a slight discoloration of the display may occur due to the properties of the AMOLED display,” the original statement states. “The degree of discoloration will vary depending on other properties of the display. It will not affect the daily use or durability of the screen. ”

Meanwhile, realizing that they are disappointing their own fan base, while risking costly lawsuits in court, the OnePlus management returned to the initial approach stating that they will fix the problem with a future firmware update.

Given that the OnePlus Nord series is officially launched on August 4, the issue that the OTA update is meant to eliminate or improve the reported issues will probably not be too late. Probably, like other smartphone manufacturers, OnePlus will allow the free replacement of smartphones whose performance is not improved by applying remedies at the firmware level, thus avoiding other controversies and eroding the brand image.

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