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Samsung is preparing the Wireless Charger Trio, an adapter that can charge three devices simultaneously


Somewhat similar to the AirPower device, promoted by Apple and then withdrawn before the launch day, the Wireless Charger Trio is an adapter capable of wirelessly charging up to three devices simultaneously.

Introduced in March 2019, AirPower took the form of a “mat” on which any compatible device could be loaded from any position, without forcing a perfect alignment. But between the official announcement and the forecast release date, something happened, Apple withdrawing the device that seemed a firmly guaranteed place in the official launch schedule. Much later, I found out the reason. Apparently, in an attempt to get a wireless charging adapter that removes the constraints of competing products, Apple engineers have made a major design mistake. Although it probably worked the way its designers wanted, the AirPower device came with an unacceptable compromise for an Apple gadget, taking the form of an excessively high power consumption.

Samsung Wireless Charger Trio will also work with devices from other manufacturers
For now, it is not clear what technical solution Samsung engineers have chosen to make the Wireless Charger Trio a more environmentally friendly gadget. What is certain is that the promised functionality is largely similar, the device can charge three devices simultaneously, regardless of type and manufacturer, the only condition being the support of wireless power technology.

Already published on the Samsung Korea website, the Wireless Charger Trio uses a configuration with six inductors, much more modest than the prototype created and abandoned by Apple. The adapter can charge Samsung phones using powers of up to 9W per device in fast-charge mode. For other Qi compatible devices, the maximum power delivered is limited to 5W and 7.5W for Apple products, respectively.

With dimensions of 240 x 86 x 15.5 and a weight of 320 grams, the Samsung Wireless Charger Trio is equipped with LED indicators that show the charging status for each detected device. Depending on the preferences, buyers will have to choose between white or black.

According to the manufacturer, the Wireless Charger Trio accessory works through non-metallic protective cases up to 3mm thick and is compatible with a wide variety of Samsung phones, from the Galaxy S6 series to the Galaxy Z Fold2. Unfortunately, for the sale price we will have to wait for the official launch announcement.

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