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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017) Software Update Comes with New Changes


The latest software update for Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0) was recently released by Verizon. This update represents version M1AJQ.T387VVRU1ARJ2. As always, it is vital to upgrade your device to the latest version, so if you own a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 make sure that you get the latest versions as soon as possible.

Updates usually bring important changes; such as bug fixes that could enhance the performance of your device. This time, the update also brings the latest Android security patch. If we take a look at the security update, it is dated October 1 2018, but the update date is December 11 2018. It is hard to understand why Verizon decided to release the update so late.

The Samsung tablet has received another software update from Verizon in the past. The previous update has come with fixes for issues, performance improvements, as well as the security patch for the operating system. It appears that the new update brought the same things.

If you own this tablet and you purchased it from Verizon, it is recommended to check whether the update OTA is available for your device. You can also head over to the Verizon site and follow the instructions in order to get the update, if you can’t find it. Verizon has an update page that will teach you how to download and install updates.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.0)

This tablet was launched back in September 2017, and it is one of Samsung’s mini tablets, as it only measures 8 inches. The device came with Android Nougat 7 and it has since been updated to Android Oreo version 8.1. However, it doesn’t seem that the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 will get the Pie update as well.

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