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GTA 6 Curious Facts and Decisions Along The Way


No specific details were provided by Rockstar Games regarding the GTA 6. However, according to a report that was made based on a job listing found online, its development might be progressing as we speak.

A video game company searching for a new Senior Environment Artist was spot by News LAir. They think that this job offer comes from Rockstar as they need more team member to continue the development of GTA 6. As both critics and gaming fans got their expectations set high from the Grand Theft Auto 5, it looks like Rockstar Games is looking forward to enlarging their team and their potential.

However, even though we got excited hearing this, it might have been for nothing. The job listing claims that Rockstar India is looking for a Senior Environment Artist that will have the responsibility to create believable and exciting artwork, texture and create environment assets for the industry’s best and biggest open world environments.

As the person that will be chosen will work at Rockstar India, this job does not seem to have anything to do with the development of GTA 6 especially if we take into consideration the fact that since Rockstar began developing this series, in 2002, the base of its creation was in Edinburgh, Scotland in the subsidiary Rockstar North.

Even though no official updates were provided by Rockstar Games, many fans believe that GTA 6’s development has already begun. What we know for sure is that there is no doubt we will have a 6th member in the GTA series as its predecessor brought such success to the company.

According to Dan Houser, Rockstar Games co-founder, their pipeline already has GTA 6 in it even though fans were provided no information. It looks like the company wants to keep everything a surprise so the impact will be more significant.

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