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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – Huge Screen and New Processor Leaks


Samsung is quite busy the days. The company is working hard to finish the Samsung Galaxy 10 and it also testing prototypes for a future flexible smartphone that was officially announced earlier this year.

It seems that the company is also developing the next iteration of the popular Note phablet. Read below to learn what is known about the device at this point.


Larger screen

A reliable source has recently leaked a few important details about the future devices. It notes that the Galaxy Note 10 is being developed under the code name of Da Vinci. The device will feature a huge 6.66-inch Super AMOLED display that is able to play 4K content and also supports HDR.

New brain

The US version of the device will use the bleeding-edge Snapdragon 855 chip which was recently revealed by Qualcomm. It is expected that the chip will feature 5G compatibility.

A different chip will be used for the European version

Some European customers will be disappointed to learn that the European version will use a proprietary Exynos cheap, which shatters their dreams of using 5G on this device. The Exynos 9820 is still capable of reaching 2 GB/s when using 4G making the data transfer speed competitive even when compared to the latest standard.

Stealthy finger-print sensor

It is generally agreed that the Note 10 will employ the same ultrasonic in-screen finger sensor that is planned to premiere on the Galaxy S10. The choice will allow the use of an edge-to-edge display, a trend that has become very popular among customers and manufacturers.

Goodbye headphone jack

The Korean company remained loyal to the headphone jack for a long while, as it is featured on many Samsung smartphones. The time to part ways may have come as many users have embraced wireless headphones in the recent years.


It is likely that the device will pack 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, with some voices claiming that Samsung may up the storage space to one TB.

Possible release date

Since the company loves to release new devices in late in the summer the device is likely to be launched in August 2019.

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