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Call of Duty: What Are the Black Ops 4 Holiday Events for 2018?


We’ve seen the Call of duty: Black Ops 4 update that came on the 20th of December together with a new holiday-themed event and modes.

When it comes to the Blackout holiday event, Blackout players can use snowballs and holiday-themed supply stashes in the game. The maps come with festive lights and decorations.

When it comes to the Zombie event, you can take part in challenges and win personalized items. You can accept these special challenges from the Barracks and done along with your regular daily challenges.

When it comes to the Winter Event Stream, we must say that it has come to the Black Market, giving us winter loots such as warpaints and gestures. These ones will appear in the Contraband section, and you are able to complete the Winter Event challenges, together with those from Absolute Zero in order to unlock scads of new loot.

The game is currently on sale for $40. However, it does not have a single player mode yet.

The events for platforms:

Xbox One and PC

General: it comes with a limited time Winter Event stream, that’s available now in the Black Market, with numerous items to unlock and use in Multiplayer and Blackout.

Blackout: it comes with a Holiday Event, that’s now live, and it added snowballs, holiday decorations and lightning and holiday supply stashes.

Zombies: it comes with a limited time Winter Calling event stream, that’s available now with new personalization items.

Other platforms

Blackout: it comes with reactive camos – an issue that prevented reactive camos from showing, when completed in the After Action Report. It also comes with outfit unlocks – an issue that came with the unlock condition for “The Numbers” outfit for Seraph. And miscellaneous – contraband stashes will spawn properly on all the platforms.

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