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[Download] Firefox Update With Tips to Enhance Your Browsing Experience


In the past years Mozilla Firefox has become increasingly popular and it managed to improve itself and become a trusted browser. It is available for free and comes with plenty of tweaks that allow you to customise your entire experience. However, there are some features that are not that well-known, although they can boost the performance of your browser. Today we will share them with you and help you take Firefox browsing to the next level.

Snooze your tabs

Not many people are aware about this function, but Firefox allows you to snooze your tabs, just like you do with your alarm in the morning. In order to do that you will need the official add-on pack called Test Pilot. After you install it, you will be able to Enable Snooze Tabs, and you will see a new button in your toolbar, with a bell symbol on it.

Snoozing a tab will hide it until a set time. After that time passes, the tab will reappear back where it was before. At any time you can select Manage Snoozed Tabs if you want to get your tab back.

Built-in refresh feature

Firefox comes with a refresh tool that is truly…refreshing to use. This feature will simply reset your browser back to its factory settings, without removing your passwords, bookmarks, history and opened windows. Type about: support in the address bar and click the Refresh Firefox button on the right in order to reset your browser.

Use mouse gestures

Most users don’t take advantage of mouse gestures and that is a shame. Firefox allows you to do more than click and scroll. Using the FireGestures add-on you will be able to add various gestures to the browser and it will make things way easier.

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