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Resident Evil 2 Remake – Unlocking the Two Survivor Modes


Unlocking Resident Evil 2’s 4th Survivor Mode

Before letting you guess any wrong answers, we will tell you that in order to unlock the 4th Survivor mode, you need to beat the main game first. However, the main game should be defeated in a specific way which you must use if you want to unlock the 4th Survivor mode.

Taking a first look at Resident Evil 2’s main game will make you think that it is comprised of two different campaigns: Claire’s and Leon’s. Technically, however, there are four different campaigns that split into normal and second scenarios. The first time you finish the normal scenario, the second scenario is unlocked for the opposite character. In the second scenario, you will see that some elements are slightly modified as it is meant to follow up the normal scenario’s events.

You have to finish both these scenarios, the second and the normal one if you want to unlock the 4th Survivor. To put it into easier words, you will need to play through the game twice, one of each of the two default characters. After the second and normal scenarios are finished, the 4th Survivor mode will be unlocked.

Unlocking Tofu Survivor

Now, for the Tofu Survivor, we will again offer you information instead of letting you guess. You need to complete the 4th Survivor. This is all you have to do, but this task is not as easy to finish it as it is to talk about it. Tofu Survivor plays out in a similar way to 4th Survivor, but Tofu has a weapon loadout that is more limited than Hunk. You will become a true Resident Evil master if you can survive Resident Evil 2’s many dangers as Tofu.

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