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Pokémon Go New Code Hints to the Halloween Event and Other Features


If you have been expecting for some new content in Pokémon Go, then don’t worry, as you’ll surely have it. Someone saw within the latest update a reveal in the code that pointed to new Pokémon being added to the game with the newest update. There is going to be an event to celebrate Halloween with new monsters coming later in the game.

New Pokémon and Music Themes

The code was found in the APK teardown, and this means that there might be some features inactive that will probably not be released. But taking into consideration that the Halloween event from the last year had been successful, we’re sure that Niantic will release a similar event this year too. Along with what was found in the APK code, there was also a leaked image for the loading screen to support the information.

Other codes have been changed and suggest that there will be some future AR improvements and tests for the infrastructure but right now it’s all turned off. Niantic has also added in their update a code to track the users who have GPS-spoofing or hacks. This way they will blacklist and take action against the users that are cheating by banning or halting their gameplay.

There is also a new code added for the Halloween event and includes music themes (see the heading containing ‘mapHalloweenNightMusic’); and there is also new addition of music called Lavendar Town theme.

This Halloween’s Event in Pokémon Go Remains a Mystery

Niantic hasn’t given any hints on what the event will look like, about the gameplay or new visuals. All we know is what happened last Halloween, with users getting different rewards: double candy and a new Pokémon. There have been some new fixes coming with the latest update, as well as some new features: when EX Raids are cancelled, users will see a notification. There is also an update for the Raid lobby count.

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