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Microsoft Fluent Design changes from Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and future updates


Windows 10 Fall Creators Update brings lots of changes and among them, you will notice the introduction of a new yet subtle look of the operating system. Microsoft’s Fluent Design language is quite similar to Aero featuring new blur effects and cool transparency.

Fluent Design main features

Fluent Design is a new design language for Windows that Microsoft described a while ago as being an eloquent design system “for a complex world”. Fluent Design introduces five primary building blocks including the following: Depth, Light, Motion, Scale, and Material.

The Light element means that highlighting and focus-drawing comes due to artificial light. Depth involves working in a pseudo-3D environment. Motion implies that off-screen elements slide into view and almost everything is animated. The Material element is about interaction and Scale involves scaling the design system from 0D to 3D.

Fluent Design changes come with Windows 10 fall Creators Update

Fluent Design is Microsoft’s opportunity to look at a complex world and to make it more eloquent, and it’s more about aesthetics rather than functions. It involves a design evolution, a language for a multi-sensory and at the same time an immersive experience.

These changes will be found in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, but it seems that even more improvements and changes will be introduced in the future feature updates across both services and applications.

Microsoft just released a one-minute video for users who are anxious about getting a taste of the new updates without having to update their operating systems just yet. The video unveils a brand new look, and this is definitely an improvement and a step ahead for the better.

If you were included in the gang of many users who didn’t like the Metro Design that Microsoft released in Windows 8, now you will be happy to enjoy the direction that the company took for its newest operating system.

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