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Pokémon GO Best Tips and Tricks to Win Raid Battles


The popular game Pokémon GO has returned with a brand new update which offers an entirely new experience for users: the Raid Battles. Players can now socialize and enjoy the multiplayer experience.

What is a Raid Battle?

Gym Raid Battles offers you the possibility of experiencing a new dynamic with other players and defeating bosses. If you and your team win, you may have the chance of catching a Tyranitar or an Alakazam. Besides the rare Pokémon monsters, there are other special items players can benefit from.

Rules during Raid Battles

The first rule, if you can call it in this way is finding yourself a Raid Battle. These battles appear at gyms randomly during daytime and they end at 9 p.m each night. All Pokémon monsters are returned to their trainers before the raids starts. The large egg over the gym announces the time until the Raid Battle. Afterwards, a rare and powerful Pokémon monster (Raid Boss) will appear during one hour.

Are all players allowed to engage in raids? The answer is that you need to be a level 5 trainer to participate in a raid.

To find an active Raid Battle, a monster silhouette with a timer will appear and it will let you know when you have finished your chance at defeating the Raid Boss from that particular place.

 “Nearby” tab

This tab allows player to see active Raid Battles or the ones which will soon start in their proximity. To see where a Raid Battle is located, players need to tap on one and look at the map. The monsters icon lets players interpret the difficulty of each Raid’s level.

A raid pass is needed to allow a player engage in a Raid Battle. Players can get one after swiping a gym or they can buy premium raid passes from the game’s shop.

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