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Google Play Store Newest Updates Available


The 8.0 version of Google’s Play Store has a new feature which shows you the latest version of any app you want to use. Next to the update button, users can find a small icon. If you tap the icon a section with the newest update will open. It will be displayed on the same screen, making it more comfortable since you do not have to open the app’s page.

The Play Store (found on Android devices) is a digital distribution service, allowing Android users to search for, download and update their favorite applications. Not all apps are for free, some might make users spend some money on them. Google’s Play store is so popular, that so far over 82 billion applications have been downloaded and 2.7 million apps have become available for download.

Google has offered since 2012 for Android devices services such as Google Play, Google Play Books, Google Play Games, Google Pay Movies& TV, Google Play Music, Google Play Newsstand, Google Music and Google eBookstore.

Google Play Games service offers online gaming services. Google Music is a streaming service and online music locker with over 40 million songs. Google Books has more than 5 million ebooks available and Google Movies&Tv offer users shows and films available for purchasing or renting. Google Play Newsstand allows users to subscribe to different journals and magazines they are interested in reading.

Why is Google Play important for app developers?

It is important because Play Store allows them to publish early versions of their app and perform alpha and beta tests. For users, Google Play offers them the option to request refunds (within 48 hours), in case they are not satisfied with the app they downloaded.

In conclusion, Android smartphone users will eb able to enjoy new features on Play Store offered by Google.

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