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Pokémon Go Anniversary Event Is Already Live


Pokémon Go has marked yesterday one year since it has been launched by Niantic. In order to celebrate the anniversary, the game developing company has launched and event that will last until July 24, 2017 at 4PM.

First of all, the company will sell a limited Anniversary Box during this event. Whoever purchases the box will receive 6 Max Revives, 6 incubators, 20 Ultra Balls and two premium Raid Passes for 1200 coins. We have to mention that only 20 Ultra Balls would cost you about 1200 coins, meaning that this is a pretty good deal that you should not miss.

Niantic has also mentioned that the trainers will be able to find a special Pikachu that will wear Ash’s famous hat from the Pokémon animated series.

We need to mention that the event was delayed for a few hours, as Niantic has posted yesterday on its official Twitter account that it is working as fast as it can to solve an issue that doesn’t allow them to begin the anniversary event. We remind you that some previous rumors have been suggesting that Niantic is currently working on revealing a Shiny Pokémon, including Pikachu, Gyarados and Magikaro.

The game developing company will also hold the first game-themed fan festival in Chicago on July 22, 2017, so if you live nearby prepare yourself for a nice event that will be held in the mentioned city.

We remind you that the tickets are being sold on Niantic website since last month, so there are high chances that soon enough they will be sold out. According to, during this event, the company is expected to introduce the legendary Pikachu pocket monster. Hopefully, Niantic will succeed to bring most of the players back to its Pokémon Go, as most of the players have left the game 2-3 months after its launch.

What other new features you would like see being added on Pokémon Go in the near future?

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