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PlayStation 4 Piracy Is Going Strong


In this day and age, piracy is no longer a thing. More and more countries keep adopting stronger and stronger laws against it, and people have finally come to understand that pirated software, games and other types of files can be potentially dangerous. One of the first fields to rule out piracy from within their midst and banish it was that of video gaming. But it seems that piracy refuses to die, and some PlayStation 4 titles have already fallen prey to it.

It feels like it’s 2007 all over again, but we’re actually one decade later and people still don’t understand why piracy is bad. Some of the PlayStation 4 titles that have been pirated by unscrupulous tech savvy people are Grand Theft Auto 5 and Far Cry 4, a.k.a. two of the most popular console video games ever made. And if you’re considering cutting some corners financially to get the pirated versions of the games running on your PlayStation 4 console, we have just one word for you: don’t.

And not because we’re trying to advocate against piracy. We are advocating against it as any respectable tech blog should for well known reasons, but more importantly, we want to protect PlayStation 4 users out there from harm. In order to get the pirated GTAV and Far Cry 4 on your PlayStation 4, you need to be running ancient firmware on it, namely 1.76. Is that a risk you are willing to take? Downgrading your PlayStation 4’s firmware can have serious effects on it, and not good ones. So take a moment and step back. Think about it. Does it still sound like a good idea?

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