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iOS 11 Battery Life Affecting Lots of Devices


Many users have noticed that their battery is draining faster ever since they installed IOS 11. If you have experienced this as well you already know that your battery dies twice as fast than it did before.

A security company has analysed the battery life

Since there were many complaints, Wandera, a mobile security company studied more than 50.000 iPhones and iPads in order to understand their battery decay better. The results were worrisome for IOS 11 users. As it turns out, the battery of a device that runs IOS 10 lasts 240, if it is used constantly in that period of time. However, devices that have upgraded their operating system to the latest version had a decay time of 96 minutes.

Wandera also discovered that the battery drains faster for older upgraded devices than it does on newer ones. And this has logic since IOS 11 was mostly designed for iPhone X and iPhone 8.

“It is a simple reality of software: there will always be bugs in new major OS releases, which are constantly pushing the limits of the devices they are running on,” said the director of product at Wandera, Matt Vlasach, “This, in turn, burns battery and always causes a new uproar about battery performance. It is inevitable that these problems will be addressed and improved as time goes on, until the next major update.”

Low battery life is normal at first

Any new OS will drain your battery since it will need power until it “settles in”. However, this should get better in time. “If you find the battery drain on iOS 11 too much to tolerate, you might start thinking about a switching back to iOS 10.3.3. While this may be tempting, we strongly advise against it. The more up to date your software, the more protected you are from hackers attempting to exploit your device and infiltrate your personal and corporate data,” said Wandera

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