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Overwatch Halloween Terror Skins Leaks


The team multiplayer online shooter video game, Overwatch, was released last year by Blizzard Entertainment. Halloween Terror is its newest event and with just a few days until the date, leaks over new skins are released.

Skins for Symmetra, Zenyatta and Mei

The game includes 25 pre-defined characters and leaks released pictures of new skins for three heroes: Mei, defense Heroe and Zenyatta and Symmetra, support heroes.

Tekhartha Zenyatta

The character is both a monk and a wanderer who floats above the grounds and always appears to be meditating. He belongs to the Shambali, an order of omnic monks settled in Nepal, in the Himalayas Mountains and their leader is Tekhartha Mondatta.  With the new skins, Zenyatta is taking the form of Cthulu. The outfit is fantastic and created with an eye for detail. The predominant colors are purple, black and green and the monk looks pretty terrifying.

Satya Vaswani

Symmetra character is an Indian architect which wields a Photon Projector able to lock a continuous beam of energy onto enemies. The character is able to launch elliptical Photon Barries to defend her teammates and her two best abilities are Teleporter and the Shield Generator. The new skin makes Symmetra a demoness.

Mei-Ling Zhou

Mei character received the skin of a Jiangshi, a Chineese vampire which makes her look both scary and sexy. The character has the ability to Cryo-Freeze herself and this way protect herself from injuries and massive damage. Using her ability she can also erect Ice Walls used to block enemies. The character is also the only survivor from the deployed team at an Overwatch base in Antarctica.

The three leaked skins look very good and it is expected to cost around 3,000 coins. Those who got excited can start saving up some money.

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