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Samsung Galaxy A3 Battery Problems Got Fixed


The Samsung 2016 released smartphone, Galaxy A3, is receiving a maintenance update (only in Europe), which is said it will fix the charging problem. The device would only charge up to 87% and then stopped the growing of the battery level.

Battery problems of Galaxy A3

The device launched last year used the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system (OS) and the charging system worked properly. When it received the Android 7.0 Nougat OS, the smartphone’s battery would not charge more than 87%. Also, the battery seemed to drain faster due to a bug which apparently caused the problem. Users tried everything they could have thought of: re-calibrating the battery, reinstalling updates and more. The only solution which worked for them was to return to Android Marshmallow.

Galaxy A3 users were furious

Due to the battery issues when updating to Android Nougat, Samsung Galaxy A3 users complained on forums and to the company, but they did not receive any specific date for when the charging issues would be fixed. Samsung declared that they are aware of the problem and that it was due to software malfunctioning.  The company also promised to fix the problem and the solution is finally here.

How to fix the battery problem

The company released a new update which will make the Samsung Galaxy A3 charge properly, up to 100% and it will also fix the battery draining problem.

The update, A310FXXU3CQI8, is a maintenance update and it will not have additional new features or improvements. Another problem which will be fixed is the IMS Service Stopped error, which was affecting devices in the Netherlands. The Galaxy A5, which was experiencing the same problem, has also received an update: A510FXXU4CQ19. Both updates can be installed manually in Europe.

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