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OnePlus 7: The Hottest Rumors and Leaks


OnePlus is one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers in the world, delivering top-tier flagships at affordable prices. The selection of devices is quite limited in comparison to the competition but the features and quality of the devices are great.

The company is currently working on the OnePlus 7, the next entry in the series.  Below you can find the hottest rumors that are currently floating around the internet.


Power boost

The company has already confirmed that the new smartphone will use the impressive the Snapdragon 855. The SoC was announced by Qualcomm in 2018 and it is the most powerful mobile smartphone processor that is available on the market at this point.

According to Qualcomm the new chip is considerably more powerful than the previous version. It also consumes less energy, which makes even better.

5G may be available

The Snapdragon 855 features a 5G compatible modem. While the standard is currently limited to a few select regions it is likely that it will become more popular in the future.  OnePlus has noted that they are looking forward to 5G devices and this is the perfect chance for an early start. Even if the functionality will be unlocked via a future update it will certainly make the device a future-proof investment.

A daring design choice

Some sources claim that OnePlus is currently exploring a new design for the future device. Leaked renders have shown a smartphone that features a full display, without notches or holes.  The device could use a sliding mechanism that will push up the front camera. In one of the leaked renders we can see a device that is mounted on an interesting case. The case has two obvious cut-outs that could be filled by a camera and a multifunctional sensor.

Racing traits

The McLaren Edition of the OnePlus 6T was very popular. Some features that were implemented on this version may be present on the OnePlus 7.

It is expected that the device will be unveiled in the summer.

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