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Apple Thinks About Making its Own Foldable Phone


Not afraid to be late

One great thing that we should appreciate more about Apple is that it is not afraid to implement new technology later. In 1997 Steve Jobs returned, and it began one of the hallmarks of the company as he had a conservative approach to many new technologies. Many of its competitors have different ways to decide on integrating new tech into their devices. What helps Apple not to get absorbed into the battle is what differentiate its products – the software.

The makers of Android phones and Windows PCs do not have this luxury so they are forced to integrate each new technology that comes or it will be considered as falling behind. Sometimes these technologies are not as good as they seem and they might end up being a waste of money and also impractical.

However, sometimes Apple is the one to come with new tech that later gets implemented by other companies, and with that being said we can confirm that the company is the master of timing. They first analyze what happens when the other competitors try to implement it, and after finding the best way to do so, Apple offers it to their customers.

You might think that Apple is hurt due to its late arrival to 5G, but it was also very late on Bluetooth and slow on Wi-Fi, and in the end, introduced both of those perfectly.

This is what happens every time there is a new tech that people are fussing over. Apple gathers information, analyzes and then it goes into making it for their devices. The company feels no pressure to introduce tech earlier because they know exactly that their way of doing so brought the success of the brand.

What do you think about this tactic? Would you wait to get a better version of new tech or are you satisfied with getting it in the first form but fast?

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