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OnePlus 5 New Update Improves Voice Calling, Wi-Fi Connectivity and More


One week has passed since the OnePlus 5 has been launched online and it seems that the developers have come to a new update for this handset. The new OxygenOS 4.5.5 has just been released and it has only 60MB. Unfortunately, the new update doesn’t come with any new features or options, but it fixes some of the bugs that the developers have found and it also optimizes the Voice Calling and Wi-Fi connectivity.

According to reports, the voice calling is now clearer and the Wi-Fi connectivity has been improved, too. So, if you had some issues with the Wi-Fi or Voice Calling, then this new update will surely please you. The video recording has also been optimized and it now consumes less battery than before. The incoming call vibration intensity has been decreased, as many owners of this device have been complaining about it.

It seems that the Wi-Fi signal was consistently displayed as weak when even if you were close to the router. This problem was caused by applications that were not able to function via IPv6 network settings and that caused the device to “think” that the signal is very weak when in fact you probably had a pretty decent signal. According to the change log, the users that want to restore connectivity to a Windows 10 PC are advised to try turning off USB debugging prior to the upgrade.

It seems that the developers are continuously working on improving the OnePlus 5 handset and this is always a good thing. Even if we didn’t expect for this device to have so many issues shortly after its launch, we think that the developers are doing a pretty good job.

Hopefully, when a new OS version will be launched for OnePlus 5, the developers will not need to launch so many patches to fix the issues.

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