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Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X Goes Down – Go Ahead and Buy the new Upgraded Pixel and Pixel L


Ever since publishing the new Pixel and Pixel XL models, Google has managed to attract fans with the quality of the smartphones. According to Blorge, the Nexus fans are melancholic and sad for the fact that the line has been discontinued. But there is an opportunity they can get the Pixel line smartphones for a similar price.

So far, the average price for a Pixel is of 650$ and for a Pixel XL is of 770$. The Nexus phones were much cheaper than the Pixel line, but still many would purchase the Google phones for the pure Android system.

What is the solution available so far?

The Pixel line is also much appreciated since it has followed into the footsteps of the Nexus line, keeping many features but at the same time adding new improvements.

How can you get a Pixel smartphone at a cheaper price?

It seems the Pixel and Pixel XL are available for 360 $ and 480$. How is this possible? These price tags are even better and cheaper than the Nexus line, in which the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P prices were of 379$ and 499$.

If you want to benefit from this deal, you must be on Verizon and you must be willing to get the smartphone together with an unlimited plan. What does that imply? It means you need to make a monthly payment of 15$ for the Pixel and 20$ for the Pixel XL for 24 months.

Is it worth it?

If you are already a Verizon client, then the offer might not be a bad idea for you and you will get the chance to upgrade with a new device and you also get the Google Home.

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