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iOS 11 Features in Beta 3 Comes with New OS Improvements


At the beginning of last month, on the 5th of June to be more specific, Apple announced it will be launching iOS 11 this fall. The announcement was a rich one, because the new version of Apple’s in-house operating system for mobile devices will be perfectly optimized for tablets, as well as augmented reality purposes through the brand new ARKit.

According to Blorge, iOS 11 will turn even older generation iPads into full blown mini laptops, if we’re to believe every claim and promise made by the Cupertino tech giant. In order to stabilize and perfect the new operating system, Apple is currently running tests on it through its beta program. The beta program has two sides to it, one for developers and one for the general public.

The current version that is available for testing is iOS 11 beta 3. iOS 11 beta 3 just came out and rumor has it that it brought along some new features. Well, it’s not just a rumor actually. It’s one hundred percent true. The new overall additions are purely cosmetic ones for the most part, but there are some actually new features for iPads too. This goes to show that Apple is sticking to the plan and it aims to make iOS 11 iPad friendly.

All the new features of the iOS 11 beta 3 are showcased and explained in the video below.

Other than that, we’ll have to wait for the official release of the final stable version of iOS 11 in order to see what’s what. The launch will take place in September, that is if Apple sticks to the initially announced plan. The statement was made at WWDC 2017 in San Jose, California during Apple’s keynote speech on the fifth of June.

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