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Mass Effect Andromeda DRM Leaks


The famous gaming website: Dark Side of Gaming noticed that the latest patch of Mass Effect: Andromeda for PC’s no longer has Denuvo anti-tamper protection.

The game is not the only high-profile one to renounce Denuvo’s protection and the game is still using Electronic Arts’ Origin client.

In the past, hackers managed to crack the anti-temper protection offered by Denuvo and the measure taken back in March was to use Denuvo’s latest version 1.5. Gamers must know that the Austrian company never assures clients that a game they protect will become crack-proof, however, they try to make the cracking process so long, that crackers give up. Some companies, such as Square Enix, enjoy the idea behing Denuvo’s anti-temper protection. Other companies, such as Rime, after pirates managed to break the protection in a matter of days, have decided to give up on Denuvo.

What do gamers think of this measure?

One gamers believes that Mass Effect has lower sales by keeping the games only Origin. Other agree with the measure, suggesting that using Denuvo cots too much money for the company.

The BioWare company, division of EA games, has made many updates for the Mass Effect: Andromeda Patch 1.09.

A list of updates

The company has announced that they have managed to improve facial animations, fixing multi-player issues and adding Platinum difficulty for the Multiplayer. Also, some other fixes include: improving stability; no more negative AVP after reaching Nexus level 20; players can no longer get trapped by NPCs in the APEX HQ on the Nexus. Some other issues which are now bettered include the fact that X5 Ghost can now be dismantled, if gamers use Windows 10 Creators Update, the HDR functionality is much better. For the multiplayer option, the Veteran Bonus ranks were added as to increase power and combo for characters.

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