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Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome: Which are You?


Although you may already have the go-to browser that’s set to default on your PC or Mac, we still want to give you all an in-depth knowledge of their features. So regardless if you’ll be convinced to switch or remain with your current preference, here’s our Mozilla Firefox vs Google Chrome comparison.

Why go for Mozilla Firefox browser?

One of the most appealing features of Firefox is its ability to provide better privacy than Chrome. Most browsers has this feature which let users surf the web without recording their activities in history. However, they still have logs that show activities for a specific “private” session which defeats the purpose. Here’s where users favor Firefox more because they can switch on an ad and tracker blocker when surfing in private. This complete incognito mode makes Firefox a great browser that delivers what it says.

In addition to that, they are the first to pave the way for extensible add-ons, not to mention being open source. It has a sync feature which enable users to get the same add-ons and apps for different devices. Although Chrome has more library of add-ons now, users who want to keep it simple by using only what they need, finds Firefox the best browser today.

What about the Google Chrome browser?

Currently winning a lot of hearts in the browsers department, Chrome has always been a favorite due to its simplicity and practicality. Aside from an extensive library of extensions, it is also very user friendly as it lets the user focus on what they need and want, instead of cluttering around.

The OmniBar (the single URL bar) in the center of the browser is where a web surfer types in whatever they need. There’s also a bookmark icon, tabs and space for extensions which are the visible parts that is. But don’t be fooled as Google managed to include a slew of features brilliantly hidden in the browser. These include various integrations to Google’s wide range of services including a sync feature that recalls your preferred settings across different devices. Open tabs, bookmarks, and even passwords can be easily recalled to each device. For families who use the same laptop or computer, there’s the multi-account support ability from Chrome. Functionalities such as Google Translate, PDF viewer and task manager can be accessed with a single click from the browser.

As such, it also leads to a downside that many Chrome users complain about – the browser takes a lot of memory space, an issue that Google has been trying to mitigate. Tests from 2 or 3 years ago show that it consumes a lot of space but it has become more compact to date.

Final Say

With the details above, it doesn’t really matter which of the browsers have the most features and functionalities. What matters more for modern users like all of us is how relevant those browser features are to our specific needs. And yes, we can switch from browser to browser depending on how we want it to perform at any given time.


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