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Mortal Kombat 11: The Kollector New Characters Appear


The new character is charismatic and has four arms with which he will be collecting money and blood.

In spite of the leaked list of fighters that appeared earlier this year, the players and amateurs of the online game received good news as the company announced a few new characters. The new antagonist is a character named Kronika, a plotter which can manipulate time. Fighting alongside her is her enforcer, Geras. The nature goddess, Cetrion, will be most probably battling among the heroes’ side, and there was the fourth guy which was a mysterious figure except for his name: The Kollector.

The story trailer released by the creators showed a glimpse of The Kollector but now you can finally inspect him. There are things we don’t know about him such as what species he is. By the count of his fingers he doesn’t appear to be a Shokan like Goro and Kintaro but whatever he is, he seems to be a more atrocious Gollum due to his extra limbs.

What we know if that this new character, The Kollector, is an accountant, hunting as a need of survival but also for his master, always carrying around a backpack in which he often searches for weapons to use. He inspects the ripped body parts for value and that makes his Fatality more striking.

Other characters

The only three new characters that we haven’t seen, with about fourteen days away before the game release, are Frost, Kitana and D’Vorah . The last who was actually shown through a promotional render but we will see her though in the gameplay trailer, in action.

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