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Minecraft for Xbox One got Keyboard and Mouse Support


During E3 2017 event, Mojang has talked about its plans to bring together different Minecraft communities across PC, mobile devices and consoles. This is done via the “Better Together” update, which is currently being tested by the Xbox One players who opted for the BETA and the preview versions of Minecraft.

The latest Minecraft BETA version allows the players to test the Xbox Live multiplayer and other functionality thanks to the “Bedrock Edition” of the game. You should also know that there is a “hidden” option in the menu screen that can be used to select a keyboard and mouse as the primary device input rather than the Xbox One controller.

So, soon enough, anyone that plays Minecraft on Xbox One, will be able to use the keyboard and mouse on their console to control their characters in this game. We remind you that in the past many fans have been asking for this feature to be implemented in the console version of the game and it seems that Microsoft and Mojang have understood that they need to do that.

It is not sure yet if the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft will receive the official support for keyboard and mouse control. However, let’s not forget that Sony has declined to be a part of the “Better Together” update, which means that there are high chances that Mojang (company owned by Microsoft) will not bring this feature to the PS4.

The “Better Together” Update for Minecraft will be released for Windows 10 OS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and mobile versions of the game. This means that the Minecraft players from all these operating systems/consoles will be able to play with each other.

It’s not sure yet when the update will be released, but some previous rumors were suggesting that it will happen this fall.

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