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Get Pixel Launcher 2.0. for Android Oreo Comes with New Features


A while ago installing a Pixel Launcher version that had all the features became possible thanks to Reddit user AmirZ. At first, all the previous solutions failed; they offered a faulty version that didn’t allow users to use the G Search tool or the Google Now Panel. Amir is the one who discovered that the Pixel launcher restricted these features in order to keep them just for Pixel phones. The Reddit user launched a rootless solution for all that.

Pixel Launcher 2.0 release

AmirZ put the original version on Github but he stopped developing it soon after. Instead, he decided that they will work on another version that will be released after Android Oreo shows up.

The promise was kept, and Pixel Launcher 2.0 was launched soon after the Oreo release.The new version brings several new features, curtesy of the developer.

The features of Pixel Launcher 2.0

The newest Pixel Launcher brought some new things. For example, this version has the Google Calendar app icon with the date and different colors for notification dots. The Google Now feed is now on the left side of the workspace and you can also use Google Wallpapers to select a wallpaper when it becomes available.

The developer’s improvements

The newest additions will allow you to pull down for notifications for Nougat devices and to press the date widget in order to open the calendar app. The developer also managed to show icon shapes on Android 8 without developer settings enabled and it made the keyboard close the right way when going back to the home screen for an app.

How to get Pixel Launcher 2.0

The application is available on GitHub since can’t be launched on Google Store. In order to be able to get it you have to check “Unknown Sources” in your security settings. This will enable the download

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