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Minecraft PS3 Update On Cross-Platform Play


There is something that PlayStation 3 users should be excited about when it comes to playing Minecraft. This is because 4J Studios has provided support for the Strangers: Biome Settlers 3 Skin Pack and the Glide Myths Track Pack.

The update has now covered Japan, Europe, and the U.S. The full patch notes for the 1.56 Minecraft update have included these 2 features on top of the general gameplay.

Better Together Update

There was an agreement between Mojang and Microsoft at the E3 2017 that it would support cross-platform gaming experience. So, players from Windows 10, Xbox One, and any mobile platforms can now play together. This development will include the Nintendo Switch, which is now still under development.

The only platform that the updates would take effect on is the Xbox One. Moreover, there were issues in relation to lagging when playing on servers. Good thing 4J Studios and Mojang were keen on keeping a steady stream of updates. This will give more time to iron out post updates in which they are going to provide proper attention.

Nevertheless, cross-platform play will not be the case for PlayStation, Wii U, and Java PC version. However, Java and Wii U would still continue to receive updates. According to Microsoft, the new cross-platform version of Minecraft would have a server browser built to the start menu of the game and it will be launched within 4 servers, namely CubeCraft, Lifeboat, InPVP, and Mineplex.

The availability of Minecraft for PlayStation 3 users is great news. However, many are still hopeful that PlayStation would support cross-play among other gaming consoles. Meanwhile, users can enjoy tons of add-ons, which were also made available like the Simpsons Skin Pack, Battle Map Pack 3, and Battle Map Pack 2 for PlayStation users, which they can download from the PlayStation Store. You will be able to challenge up to 8 players online or 4 players in the split-screen fighting for survival.

Nintendo Switch will have the Minecraft update in the winter of 2017. Mojang also confirmed that you can automatically get Minecraft updates for Windows 10, iOS, and Android users.


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