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Minecraft Better Together Should Be Supervised by Parents


Minecraft started their Better Together Update with the idea of connecting players from all the platforms inside a single place and to allow them to play together even though they have different devices. It was a very good idea as not many can buy a game in all its platform versions in order to be able to play with their friends on PC, Xbox, Phones, and so on.

This project has been very difficult to accomplish as developers tried to make different systems feel equal in Minecraft gaming experience and also working on more versions of the game means spending more time on each. But now cross platform play is finally out and it’s based on a new game engine that tries to make Minecraft the same as the original game.

The Better Together Update is in Beta Testing on Android, Windows and Xbox One.

Parents will have to know about this update and what it will feature in order to keep their children safe from different issues. For example, the children will play in online servers and they can access worlds that are created by third-party developers that can also add a Marketplace from which the users can buy items inside those online worlds. However there’s no need to worry since these features have been there but not so widely spread.

Looking at Nintendo and Xbox users, we know that they had a world which wasn’t online, and now they can join online servers and interact with other users or make purchases.

What can parents do about it? They must check the family settings and choose different options for online interaction, letting them interact only with their friends, enabling and disabling online char and more options. Don’t forget to put a password on your online credit card so that children won’t make purchases in game without your consent.

A very good approach is to let your children play in shared rooms, in your presence so you can see for yourself if they are in a safe online environment and to also bond as you may well join in for a while. A lot of children are happy to play games with their parents, especially if it’s about their favorite games.

For those who don’t own a Minecraft game, they can get the new one and the old version at the price of one in a few weeks, when the Better Together Update will launch.

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  1. Ethan Goodwin says

    Actually, Xbox players could go online before with minigames.

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