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Microsoft Windows 10 Update Release in May 2019


Microsoft is announcing for testers the new Windows 10 update and wants to release it on May 2019 after it’s ready.  This new Windows 10 update is the next major version of the OS, and it has a codename “19H1”. The essential changes done by Microsoft at this new Windows 10 version are Kaomoji support, a new light theme for Windows 10, a separation of Cortana and Windows search, and Windows sandbox feature.

What’s about to change in the Windows 10 May Update?

Starting with this May update of Windows 10, users will have full control of the features that need to update over time. The change is when you will be allowed to choose when to install the latest major version of the operating system. If you are a user of Windows 10, you could only stay on the existing version, but you will continue to receive all the monthly security updates without installing the latest features.

Moreover, a new feature introduced by Microsoft is that Windows 10 Home and Pro users can pause function and monthly updates up to 35 days. You will also have intelligent, active hours on this Windows version, so the operating system can detect when you are using your PC or not. In that way, updates won’t install on their own and annoy you. Of course, at some point, you will receive a push notification for the latest feature, but it won’t force you right away.

However, Microsoft is taking the quality issues of Windows 10 updates very seriously. After the delay of April 2018 Update because of the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), and then the October 2018 update that had some complaints about deleted files, the company is taking a serious approach with the next update.

Finally, due to thousands of feedbacks received each day about Windows 10 update, the company is making changes, trying to avoid other problems to happen again. And it’s also launching a dashboard this month to track the health of Windows releases.

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