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What are the best Church worship software?


Are you finding it difficult or strenuous to plan and coordinate worship sessions? This article is for you! In this piece, we will be bringing you the top 3 church worship software, any of which can be employed to plan rehearsals, manage church schedules and organize congregations.

With a standard church worship software, you would be able to optimize the usage of your time, and keep all your worship sessions well organized and aptly presented.

Read on, as we bring you the top 3 church worship software in the market.


Best Church worship software

  1. WorshipTrac

WorshipTrac is a cloud-based church worship software, which can be deployed on any web-enabled platform, be it desktop or mobile. It is a versatile worship planner that is often employed by pastors and/or church leaders to plan their worship/church functions, which include scheduling and managing people, as well as organizing worship sessions.

This tool is specially designed to facilitate the coordination and management of worship activities. Furthermore, its intuitive interface makes it flexible enough for anyone to use, irrespective of technical proficiency.

In a nutshell, WorshipTrac is designed to assist you in optimizing your time usage, in the process of planning and organizing/coordinating your church duties.

Its powerful set of features are classified under the following categories:

  • Worship Tools
  • Service Planning
  • Worship Song Library
  • Team Scheduling

WorshipTrac is offered at a starting price of $4 per month.

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  1. OpenLP

OpenLP is an open source church worship solution, which is flexibly designed to support all notable operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. The software is optimized to assist you in planning and managing worship services, especially in the area of making presentations.

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OpenLP hosts a powerful set of features, which are streamlined on a simple interface. These features include: Songs import, Playlist, VLC integration (video support), Bible import, PowerPoint integrations, Image import, Custom slides, Remote control (for iOS and Android), Scripture database, Stage view, and many more.

OpenLP open source church worship software is available for free. And all versions (for all operating systems) can be downloaded directly from their official website.

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  1. ZionWorx 2014

ZionWorx is a popular church worship software, which is specially designed to assist users in planning and preparing their worship schedules and presentations respectively. lt hosts exclusive support for Windows, and can be deployed on major Windows versions, from Windows Vista SP2 to Windows 10.

ZionWorx 2014 is flexibly built, and it is able to integrate seamlessly with PowerPoint (Microsoft), providing you with a simple and streamlined interface to plan and prepare your service presentations with ease. Furthermore, you are also afforded the flexibility of integrating with BibleGateway. This provides you hassle-free access to all Bible verses, within only few clicks of fingers.

Other key features of ZionWorx include: Playlist packaging, Media library, Advanced theme engine, Song usage reports, Visual song arrangement, Song import, Free trial (30 days), Technical support and more.

Zionworx 2014 is offered at a relatively expensive price of $169 per team.

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The 3 solutions outlined herein have been selected based on their relativity (and comparative advantage) in terms of feature set, ease of usage, affordability, compatibility (with Windows), popularity and durability among others.

Therefore, if you are a pastor, reverend or a worship leader/coordinator who is looking for a reliable church worship software, the above-listed tools are the recommended ones for you.

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