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Google Earth Pro Still Getting Better Without Hidden Charges


Updating your version of Google Earth Pro is one way of fixing bugs that might show up every once in a while. The latest version that you can use to update this app is, in response to the issues with its predecessor. However, it is not always necessary to update your copy of Google Earth Pro, only when needed.

The Need To Upgrade

The upgraded version of Google Earth Pro should provide a number of features in which you can have access to advanced tools. At the same time, you might run into some issues with My Places, which has been common in the free version of Google Earth. Thus, you can update Earth Pro to address them accordingly.

New Features And Abilities

Google Earth Pro was once offered online for a fee of $399 annually. However, most users might hesitate to spend that amount of money just to purchase that type of application.

Fortunately, Google decided to convert it into a free app, but has removed some of the features. The current application should be able to help you create and view maps on Mac, Linux, and Windows computers. Here are some features you should get excited about.

  • Ability for visualization, manipulation, and exportation of GIS data;
  • Ability for using tools for measurement in order to compute areas and distances;
  • Ability for using Movie Maker in the production of media collateral;
  • Ability for backing in time with the use of historical imagery.

When it comes to development, Google Earth Pro also has something up its sleeves, which include anti-aliasing option for Mac OS. At the same time, it comes with some general improvements, which include support for better security, high-resolution displays, and Web browser.

If you have come across some issues that require fixing, then all you have to do is to rely on the Repair Tool. This enables you to fix issues, when things would go the other direction. With the addition of this tool, you would not only fix startup issues, but also reset the settings or cache data if necessary.

Troubleshooting Google Earth Pro

Sometimes, it is inevitable to come across issues that you can fix yourself. Thus, if you encounter black background or find out that only the borders are visible, then all you have to do is to update your graphics driver’s software. Alternatively, you might want to switch to DirectX mode to resolve this issue.

The probable cause of this issue is that some graphics drivers as OpenGL wouldn’t display correctly on your computer. This is the new higher-quality default setting available on your Google Earth Pro 7.3.0.x.

You might also be experiencing missing contents from the previous installation of Google Earth. So, the solution for this issue is to copy the data from My Places to the new My Places location at the Google Earth Pro app. Alternatively, you can just edit the data setting of the KMLFolder of Google Earth Pro to point the previous data location of My Places.

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