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Microsoft Offers Free Windows 10 Upgrade for Assistive Software Users


There has been a lot of chatter since Microsoft shipped out Windows 10 free upgrades to anyone with an existing and valid Windows Operating System installed on their computer. But since all good things must come to an end, Microsoft stopped giving out these free upgrades on July 29, 2016. But, with a quick Google search you will find out that there is still a way for you to get a Free Windows 10 Upgrade provided one important detail. That you have to be a user of Windows Accessibility products, including products that were made or designed by 3rd party developer companies.


Why You Should Not Exploit This Free Offer

Although the offer by Windows is a legitimate one, there is a lot of unchecked information floating around regarding this free upgrade that may not be necessarily true. There are some online blogs that suggests you can fake or take claim that you are indeed someone who has some disability and use the assistive products of Windows. Although you may get away with this but it is practically a crime to do so and you may do a lot more damage than you realise. Free stuff is always great, especially if it’s a full-pledge operating system from one of the biggest Operating System vendors in the market, but what’s really at stake here is that you might cause a misstep on the continuing development of the assistive technology products.

The reason why Microsoft is still providing free upgrades for Windows accessibility users is because their developers are still hard at work into perfecting the assistive products to better cater to those who really need and use them. Thus if you are not really someone who is differently-abled then you have no business in trying to find out how to upgrade to Windows 10 using this option.

How To Start The Windows 10 Accessibility Upgrade

If you are someone indeed a user of assistive technologies then you can contact the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk, specifically made available for queries related to the subject.

If you are still unsure whether you need to upgrade to the new O.S. or not, know that with the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition update released on Aug 2, 2016 they have greatly enhanced their assistive technology programs since they are aware that a good percentage of their users use assistive technology programs to use Windows.

Follow these simple steps to avail of the Free Upgrade:

  1. First navigate to this page where you will also find a link to their blog explaining in detail all the improvements they have made on their assistive tech programs in order to inform and reach out to those who need them.
  2. Look for the button “upgrade now” and click it.
  3. When the executable file finishes downloading, click or run it in order to start the upgrade.
  4. You will see a series of screens that will explain and show you through the entire process of the upgrade.
  5. Remember to read carefully as you go through the different screens until the upgrade has finished.

You might notice that Microsoft has not asked for proof of your disability and hopes that you won’t exploit this loophole on your good will.

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  1. Suresh Srinivasaparthasarty says

    I had old laptop of 2011. In the first time itself I upgraded to windows 10. But due to load I lost all. Now I have once again installed windows 7. This is useful only for latest models. Nearly 4 or5 of our circle forced to go for windows old version in their laptops

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