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The Chrome Canary is not for Everybody


If you have never heard of the term before then you don’t need to panic, because there are a lot of regular Joes out there that don’t know about Google Canary and probably never will. Google Chrome Canary is an experimental version web browser by Google that is supposedly containing potential upgrades for the flagship browser Google Chrome. This version although available to the general public or regular users is intended for testers, developer, and technical savvy Google enthusiast and may sometimes breakdown with no prior warning – which is a strong reason for you to stay away from it if you’re just a normal web user.

Simply put Chrome Canary is one of four Chrome versions release channel: Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary. Chrome Canary is the first release, meaning that it is also the most volatile and unsafe to use, which is a total opposite of the Stable version. The Dev and the Beta versions represent more stable releases, the former is subject still to a lot of updates, while the latter tells the Chrome fans which browser version release is out next.


Why Chrome Canary Is Unstable

The reason why the Chrome Canary is so unstable is because of the fact that ii is basically just the raw implementation of the ideas they want to use for their next Google Chrome version and that they haven’t tested the results in anyway yet.  The new features are updated and coded in almost daily. You can run Chrome Canary with the Chrome Stable version, so that you can easily compare between the latest features added in the Canary version and the final and fully-checked features in the Stable version. If you find a cool new feature in the Chrome Canary version, don’t get attached too much yet as they might be fully scraped in the near future.

Where To Get And How To Install The Chrome Canary

If you are on a Desktop then all you need to do is to type in this URL on the Address bar:

Right off the bat you will read a tagline to get on the bleeding edge of the web and immediate disclaimer just below it warning that “…it’s designed for developers and early adopters, and can sometimes break down completely.” This should be a clear sign for those not up for a surprise breakdown to just stay away.

If you choose to download Chrome Canary anyway, then you will receive a prompt about Google’s Terms of Service with a button which says “Accept and Install”. A normal installation process ensues after clicking that accept button.

How about for mobile users, is there a Chrome Canary available too? Yes, all you need to do is go to your Google Play Store app and type in Chrome Canary. It downloads and installs like any other app on the market.

Is There A Chrome Canary For IOS Users? As per writing, Chrome Canary is not yet available for download for IOS mobile users; however the experience can be emulated in the desktop’s version by using the Device Mode in Google Canary.

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