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GTA 6 Exciting Rumors Coming Our Way


We live in the age of technology and information is easier to get than ever. Media allows you to find out anything about whatever you want. However, it appears that with this avalanche of information, the best way to attract attention is by keeping everything secret.

When it comes to Grand Theft Auto 6, the mystery surrounding it is the best advertising method. Rockstar has not released any official details. Right now, we do not even have a release date or at least an official statement that confirms that the company is working on it. However, the community is more excited than ever, and new speculations appear every day. Recently we heard some new GTA 6 rumors and we are here to share them with you.

Reuniting all the previous cities and characters

We already believe that the reason why Rockstar has been silent for so long is because they are planning something big. Grand Theft Auto 5 was a hit, and the next game has to be an ambitious project in order to take things to the next level. That is why numerous players have an impressive theory. Many say that GTA 6 will bring together all the cities from the previous installments and you will be able to travel from on to another. A similar rumor is that GTA 6 will reunite all the characters from the other games and make them all playable.

Hollywood actors

One of the most interesting rumors about GTA 6, is the one that indicates that a famous couple will voice the main characters. Some say that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes will lend their voices to the upcoming game. That would very interesting, especially after watching Ryan Gosling in Driver or Eva Mendes in the Fast and Furious movies.

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