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Mass Effect: Andromeda New Report Update


Electronic Arts (EA Games) is the publisher of the third-person shooter video game Mass Effect: Andromeda. The game is available on Xbox One, Windows, PlayStation 4 and it has been released on March 2017.

Recent updates regarding the newly released shooter video game suggest that it will not receive single player DLC. The third-person shooter is surrounded by rumors that single player content will not be made available for the moment.

EA publisher has not mentioned anything regarding these rumors in its most recent report. However, the company confirmed they did not work with the Sinclair Network company for the making of a DLC.

The decision is unusual since all Mass Effect titles have received a single-player additional content. According to EA games, the decision has turned out like this because of the game’s popularity with fans. The Mass Effect: Andromeda has received mixed reviews and critics.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

The game has received many negative critics since its debut. Some of the causes were the user interface, the animations (not so great), and dialogues (blunt and boring). For a lengthy shooter video game to be successful, a mix of action and story is needed.

Some players wrote online that the game was tedious and technical issues were encountered throughout the game. A new feature used in Andromeda was the addition of new characters such as Ryders (daughter/son of the chosen one to lead one of the four arks). She/He inherits the job and the story presents this moment as the action trigger. According to some of the players, the rest of the story is quite dull and the characters are not portrayed strongly enough.

Plus sides for the game were the hour world presented (also smaller mini-world areas are to be found: The Tempest). Plenty of environments and hazards are offered to players.

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