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Mass Effect: Andromeda Criticism – Not The End of The Franchise


EA games launched Mass Effect: Andromeda back in March 2017 and since then, many have rushed to criticize this latest version. Patrick Soderlund, EA games boss has surprised everyone by getting involved and reacting to these harsh critics. This is an unrecorded event; so far, Soderlund has always tried to stay out of scandals.

EA games fights back

Soderlund declared for GameReactor that even though he is not the type to make declarations, he strongly believes in the greatness of the game and that the critics have been too harsh. EA game’s CEO also acknowledges that there were some issues with Andromeda, but with the changes they have made, he believes that the game is a great acquisition for any gamer and fan of the Mass Effect franchise.

BioWare has been receptive and modified the game accordingly

The Canadian video game developer has been receptive and has added new content and addressed animation issues on Andromeda. Also, the company decided that they will continue with the multiplayer version and create more updates, while they will not continue with the single player content. No single player expansion for Andromeda.

Inside gossip

Recently, BioWare Montreal (Andromeda’s developer) has merged with Motive Studios (from EA games). Despite this merger, Soderlund strongly believes that the franchise will return thanks to its big fanbase. Also, earlier this year, Casey Hudson returned to BioWare to lead the team BioWare Edmonton. The team is working on the company’s newest IP, Anthem. Hudson is very excited about Anthem and wants to redefine entertainment with the new game.

A sci-fi movie based on the Mass Effect franchise is in the works; therefore fans have an additional reason to get excited. The franchise is still strong on popularity.

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