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iOS 11 vs. Android Oreo – Which One is Better For You?


Android Oreo and iOS 11 are the upcoming updates from Google and Apple. These two companies sparked into action this year and they have already made the updates available in beta. The aforementioned updates come with much-needed features, but it up to you to decide which one is better for your needs.

Both iOS 11 and Android Oreo are highly anticipated updates and now that the two updates have been tested for a while we can compare their most important features.

Major notifications updates

Both iOS 11 and Android Oreo come with various notification channels that can be used to customize notifications’ background control all types of notifications. Apple finally got rid of the Notification Center and now you can view your push notifications through your lock screen. Meanwhile, Oreo brings more features and it allows you to customize your notifications even more. It will also offer gestures similar to 3D Touch that will allow you see notifications by pressing an app.

New Emojis

Android Oreo will finally fix Google’s emoji problem and it will bring a redesigned set of emojis that look better. The update will also come with 56 new characters. On the other hand, Apple will adopt the new Unicode 10.0 soon and it will also have a bit emoji update.


Apparently, Apple wins this battle. iOS 11 was designed considering the needs of the iPad. As a consequence of that, iOS 11 will focus on enhanced productivity. This new version will allow you to switch between apps easier than before. It has a new split-screen and a refined dock. iPhone will get a new Files and some markup tools. Android Oreo won’t focus on multitasking, but this is understandable considering that Google added a split-screen multitasking last year.

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