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Mass Effect Andromeda Brings New Content


Many fans are disappointed that the Mass Effect: Andromeda will not be receiving any DLC for the single-player mode (even though this is not the final information and nobody knows for sure). However, a brief teaser that was released yesterday shows that we might be receiving a new level of difficulty. From what it seems, the new Platinum level will be tougher for the multiplayer Apex missions.

What Are Apex Missions?

The Apex missions are some limited-time missions that appear weekly. In them, players can earn various rewards, which include new gear. Moreover, they can also obtain some “mission funds” if they reach certain objectives. For the moment, you can play them at three levels of difficulty: bronze, silver and gold. Needless to say, each level increases the risk and the reward.

More Updates

As Bioware posted on Twitter, the Platinum level will make players take their skills to a new level. However, there are other interesting things coming our way. The teaser also shows the appearance of a Batarian. It is ushered in by the Inception sound.

The Batarians are usually considered the infamous scumbags in the entire galaxy. In the original trilogy, they were quite a significant sideshow. However, they did not continue to be in Andromeda as well, or at least not until now. The video that was posted yesterday shows that the Batarians might be coming to the game. However, we know nothing about the form they will appear in.

People would be interested, of course, to know whether they will indeed appear. Moreover, fans have been asking themselves whether the characters would play a meaningful role in the campaign or will they be just a multiplayer skin.

All in all, people are delighted about the recent teaser and anxious to receive the new changes inside the game.

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