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WhatsApp 2.17.255 BETA Update Download Available with New Features


With over 1.2 billion monthly active users, we can say that WhatsApp is one of the most used mobile messaging applications out there. The developers of this application are continuously trying to improve it and this is the reason why there are new versions of the application being released every day.

The latest WhatsApp BETA version that has been released for devices running on Android OS is 2.17.255. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the “Night Mode” feature that has been added to the WhatsApp application on iOS. This new feature is allowing you to take photos in low light conditions using the built-in capture option that the application comes with. We remind you that taking a capture using this option without the “Night Mode” activated in low light conditions might cause your photo to look awful.

We are not sure when exactly the developers will bring the “Night Mode” feature to the WhatsApp application on Android OS, but hopefully, this will happen soon enough. When it comes to the installation file of the new WhatsApp 2.17.255 BETA for Android OS, we can say that it is has a size of 36.24MB, meaning that it is only 0.03MB larger than the previous version of the application.

That being said, we can confirm that there are no new features or options that have been added to the latest WhatsApp BETA version for Android OS. However, the developers have mentioned that they’ve worked on improving the stability of the application and also solved some of the bugs that have been reported by the users.

WhatsApp 2.17.255 BETA: How To Install On Your Android Device

  • Head to this Google Play Store web page and tap on the “BECOME A TESTER” button;
  • Open the Google Play Store App on your Android device;
  • Search for WhatsApp 2.17.255 BETA;
  • Tap “INSTALL” to start the installation process.

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