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Latest iOS 10.3.2 Update from Apple Makes It More Difficult to Jailbreak


The latest iOS 10.3.2 has been released recently with some security improvements and bug fixes. If you are wondering how your device would look with this update, then it is completely up to you to decide.

However, if you already have jailbroken your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, it is recommended that you should avoid upgrading to iOS 10.3.2. This is because Apple made quite a number of kernel-level exploits on security for the iOS version 10.3.2.

This makes it harder for the jailbreak team to crack the iOS 10.3.2. Although you can install iOS 10.3.1 manually, Pangu has not released a confirmation to release the corresponding jailbroken version. Therefore, it should be risky to install iOS version 10.3.1.

If you want to increase your chances at jailbreaking your iOS device, then it is essential that you stay at a particular version until a newer exploit has been released. If you accidentally upgraded to iOS 10.3.1, then you should manually install iOS 10.3.1 and wait for the time when a jailbreak version would support it.

By the time, your device reaches iOS version 10.3.1, try not to upgrade to iOS 10.3.2. According to security researcher Adam Donenfeld, there are plans of releasing exploits to be released in August at a security conference.

With the demo from the Pangu Team made recently, Donenfeld has high hopes that it would work anytime soon to be released to the public. If you have lost the jailbreak after upgrading to version 10.3.1, try not to go elsewhere and wait for a supported version to be released.

Likewise, if you have recently upgraded to version 10.3.2, try downgrading to iOS 10.3.1. This would improve your chances of having your device jailbroken since Apple is still signing this version.

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  1. Jacob Heinrich says

    “This is because Apple made quite a number of kernel-level exploits on security for the iOS version 10.3.2” So you’re telling me they purposely made exploits? Thats perfect! Now theres more of them for us to find… Thanks Apple!!! But seriously, I don’t think you guys understand how all this works

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